Thai Massage

“Heal and Revitalize your body and spirit.”

      At Jen’s Thai Massage we strive to provide our customers with a quiet, relaxing atmosphere where they can experience a  therapeutic massage that soothes and rejuvenates their body.

      We offer traditional Thai Massage (Thai Yoga), deep tissue, herbal and hot stone massage as well as a western (Swedish)  and aroma therapy massage.

       All our massage therapists have many years of experience in Thai massage. Enjoy your Massage.

Benefits of  Thai Massage

  • Thai Massage helps reduce stress levels and improve overall blood circulation.The gradual stretching movements at various positions will enhance flexibility and allow for a greater range of motion to deplete stress and strain from the muscles and help increase energy levels.

  • The gentle pressure on energy lines and stretching movements will deeply relax the whole body and improve personal outlook,emotional status,and help promote deeper and better night's sleep as well.

  • The slow massage movements of Thai Massage will allow the mind and spirit to slow down to a true form of relaxation.The body will be enhanced with increased circulation. More oxygen will be brought to the brain to clear the mind and reduce headaches.Thai Massage will refresh and rejuvenate the spirit to feel better and think clearer.


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